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Here I have great help from my fellow TZR rider and constructor Olivier (also maker off pipe designer)
He is the one that is writing the firm and software for this project.
His site: http://ypvsbox.free.fr/

One off the problems we started with, is holding a flat line/curve (in this case 19 degrees)

I'm helping Olivier with this as good as I can,
(In this case, helping to find out how much the rpm is changing the 19 degrees.)

Made a small movie, which I played back to see rpm agents degrees.

810 RPM at 19,3 degrees

1280 RPM at 19 degrees

2100 RPM at 18,5 degrees

3030 RPM at 18 degrees

3900 RPM at 17,5 degrees

We are working to solve this problem.

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